Announcing The WE:DO Series (For Blogging Superstardom)

Ever wanted to attend a blogging conference but been deterred by its hefty price tag? What if I told you about a FREE blogging conference-type series that you (yes, YOU!) can contribute to?

Well I have GREAT news!

Amy from The Charming Blog and I are teaming up to bring you one fantastic monthly weeklong series with the hopes of educating and engaging with all kinds of audiences on various topics.


Even though we know a thing or two about these areas, this shindig wouldn’t be all that fun if YOU weren’t involved! Because isn’t blogging about community?!

So we need the help of pros (*cough, cough* the bloggers out there!) on these topics to help make both this series and their content blogland superstars.


Here is some more information, including the sign-up form after it:

We Do announcement

In case you can’t see the form above, find it here


If you think about it, 90%+ of bloggers can contribute to our coming WE:DO Series:

  • If you or someone you know are/is a travel whiz, an expat, a study-abroad participant, a flight attendant, a pilot, a packing pro, a road trip aficionado/a, a staycation expert, an RVer, a cruising veteran, etc., then WE:DO Travel is for you/them.
  • If you or another blogger are/is into fitness, working out, natural beauty, healthy relationships, organic/natural foods/recipes, yoga, prayer, meditation, school/job success, and/or other ways to live healthfully, then WE:DO Wellness is for you/them.
  • And last but certainly not least, if you or someone you know is a marketer, a business pro, a branding expert, a social media geek, a webinarian, a fashionista or photographer, a blogging veteran, an Etsy/e-commerce star, or are involved in any way with business/branding, then WE:DO Business & Brand is for you/them.

Clearly, there’s a LOT to talk about and teach :D! And who better to discuss your area of expertise than YOU?


Remember we’re looking for ORIGINAL (read: never-before-seen-elsewhere) content. But if you’ve already published something that you think would fit perfectly in any of these areas, then NO PROBLEM! Simply submit the link to that post and we’d still feature it.

WE:DO is your series. Let us drive traffic to YOUR content and as a bonus, you’ll be able to participate in a giveaway later on!

What do you think, bloggers? Who of you will be contributing?