• Hope your Memorial Day was as nice, restful & memorable as ours was 🤗🇺🇸. Here are Chris [left] & my dad [right] helping themselves after us ladies 😍. (PS- It's my 2nd to last Memorial Day as a Miss 👰🏻💁🏻😃!)
#MemorialDay #asado  #weregettingmarried #christopherannie09 #imengaged #family #blessed #5dayweekend for us 🙅🏻😁
  • FYI there ARE other things besides food at Cabela's. But in the end our ❤️ for food took over yesterday & we got some fudge, rubs & bread mix 😋--even tho The Keeper & I had no plans of buying anything 😊. Cool store! The company rocked too 😍🙌🏻.
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  • He smoked corn & chicken this weekend & gave us some & it was OMG-DEElicious 🌽🍗. Next weekend looks good too 😋. Thank God he loves to cook & eat well 🙃.
  • I'm not really a fan of #Ogden, but this guy 😍, its Nature Center & Birdhouse Exhibit 🐦, its Train Museum 🚂 & Classic Cars Exhibit, the 80-degree weather ☀️🙌🏻, AND some fresh ice cream 🍨 made today an #awesomeday 😃. We're def coming back soon. Hope your Saturday was lovely too!
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  • Does your guy surprise you as you're filming a video? No? Then you're not doing it right 😂😂.
  • Stormy #saltlakecity, as viewed from Sandy. And just like that, the storm is gone 😃🙌🏻!
#utahisrad Thank God we were indoors then 😁🌩⚡️🌫☔️
  • We checked out the Tulip Festival yesterday & it was lovely, though the company was the best part.
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  • Every year our company has a Day of Service & this year our team finished helping out at our location in much less time than we had planned 😁🙌🏻😃! #teamwork #lhmdayofservice #lhmvalues #workhard
  • THANK GOD THIS WASN'T CHRIS 😳😶. | For Christmas, I got him the chance to race exotic cars & today was the big day; he'd be driving a #Lamborghini & a #Ferrari & we were SO excited. 
Well, it was raining badly but much to our surprise, the company didn't cancel it. Then as we were waiting for his turn, a guy had the #Lamborghini hydroplane, and it went up in the air before it flipped 3x on the ground. 
Shocked wouldn't even begin to describe how we were. I pictured him having been the driver and I'm SO THANKFUL God's letting me keep him for a while longer--or