That’s What She Linked #7

That's What She Linked #7
• This Ultimate List of Dating DON’Ts and DOs (her link doesn’t work anymore :(..) reminds me I’m fortuantely not the only normal gal out there. Bring on the GENTLEMEN!

Are you living or just surviving? Beautiful Hannah and her teenage wisdom ace it as usual.

Every Viking “Fact” is Wrong

• My future husband will have a geek for a wife <—- and I hope he loves it as much as the guys on there do! (Those comments are great!!)

When you find a girl who is a geek, try not to let anyone else find her…. It is a challenge to date a girl who is a geek. You have to make every occasion uniquely special to her. She doesn’t want thoughtless flowers and chocolates, she wants thoughtful gifts which show you are a geek after her own heart….She will introduce your children to the magical world that you see around you….

• This Shortest And Most Accurate History Of The World You’ll Ever Read is hilarious. Clearly, no country is immune from being made fun of.

• These surprise Valentine’s serenades make me jealous. I wish Stuart Edge went to that school (the U. of Utah) when I’m actually there! Though since I’ve graduated, that might be a tad tough.

• Mario Lopez has launched MaLoa new line of men’s underwear. True, this isn’t a men’s fashion blog, but I still figured many of you lovelies would like to learn more for the sake of the men in your life. (Am I right or am I right?) Btw, the term “Malo” is not only made up with letters from his name, but also means “bad” in Spanish. Considering the marketing around it (with “bad” meaning the sexy kind of bad, if you catch my drill), I’d say this is a genius name! The undies look cool, too.

• Speaking of men: Breakups have been going on for AGES, and this Musical History of Men Moving On After a Break Up shows you what “the other side” (assuming most of you are gals) experiences. It’s so good, you almost forget those songs are about breaking up.

Portent’s Content Idea Generator is THE single greatest thing to happen to us bloggers since sliced bread (and Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram (but not Facebook. not anymore), restaurants, freebies, “buttons,” plugins, and blog friends).

Annnnd those are my links!! Have YOU come across anything cool lately??


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    Mario Lopez has it right because more and more men are buying higher quality underwear. I always get underwear now for my birthday and love every pair. If you are looking to please your man, get him an awesome pair of undies!

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      Great suggestion, Joe, thank you!! You actually just gave me a great idea: I’ll make sure to include Undies as a suggestion in my next Men’s Gift Ideas post(s). (We often look to give them much more complex things hoping they’ll like them and don’t realize that the basics might = even better gifts.)

      Thanks again!

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    you are right ma’am ;) oh, mario. that generator is genius! i’m cracking up just going through random words..

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      Hahahaha isn’t it??! Some suggestions are crazy but some seemed rather doable, no :)? Thanks for stopping by, Annie!