El Bachelor Juan Pablo’s One-On-One With Sharlene (Ep. 4)

One thing I knew I DIDN’T want to miss from the Bachelor episode I skipped was this date. I now realize I like Sharlene mainly because she’s the underdog. To me, she’s the girl who thinks/says/believes she’s above all the Bachelor hype, but then BAM, she’s all lovey-dovey, because let’s face it: It’s Juan Pablo.


After FFWing through that episode to get to their actual one-on-one, I couldn’t help but think about how glad I was at having skipped this entire episode. What does this mean for you? I forewent an episode recap for a recap of this date instead because I couldn’t wait to see her come out of her shell more and I didn’t want to write a post about something I couldn’t care less about (a bunch of girls dancing around to some obscure Korean music).

I’d absolutely love to fall in love. But I don’t know if he’s the one for me. (Sharlene)

I’m telling you (and you can quote me later/tweet this now):

At least she’s smart! All the other girls are already “in love” and she doesn’t think she is (which is the way it should be at the start of a relationship–esp. a Bachelor-type polygamous one). That, in Bachelor world, takes ballsies to admit.

They’re at a South Korean market. I can’t stand not being able to understand the stuff I’m looking at, so that “adventure” (with all those signs in Korean) would kind of stink for me.

All the girls can’t understand how she’s on that date when, according to them, she’s said he’s not that interesting to her and they have “dull conversation.” Biyatches.

Now JP & S are at some “quaint” teahouse where she’ll be able to see “how much of a connection beyond chemistry” there is.

I like her (oh oh, watch out my-favorite-Renee!): She tells it like it is–she even told him he had a bit of a smart-ass side that makes him not bland. She has guts, people!

He’s more fun than I expected. (Sharlene)

Ah, see, she’s coming around!

Juan Pablo & Sharleen Korea House Kiss

Then at nighttime they go to Korea House (some type of venue) where she (at first unwillingly but beautifully) sings a bit of Opera. Then he calls her bella (beautiful) and they kiss. You guys, this was a great kiss.

After having done sufficient research, I can say Juan Pablo’s a good kisser. (Sharlene)

Moment of truth: He did something, kiss-wise, that I’ve done a few times in my lifetime. Seeing him do it, though, felt, um, hotter, than what I felt when I did it :). Moving on… (Is there a fan nearby?)


Then they talk a little more and discover how much they do have in common before she shares she hasn’t been ready for kids and that relationships haven’t been her top priority. She also didn’t like having dated a guy with a daughter in the past because she’d never be “his first” (instead, the daughter was). -RECORD SCRATCHES- It was here that my heart kinda stopped. BUT THEN HE GIVES HER THE ROSE! <3

Holy cow, she could be “my sister from another mister.” I mean, dating, for me, is just sorta not a necessity (now) and I also don’t know how I’d feel about dating a guy with a kid. I don’t think I’d want to, to be honest.

In the end, Juan Pablo says something so rather brilliant, that I wonder why I hadn’t thought of it. It went a little something like this: He likes Sharlene because she’s different and because of her honesty. And she knows he has a daughter, but she still decided to put her career on hold. Therefore, she must feel ready for a family. I mean, DUH!

Juan Pablo & Sharleen Korea House Talk

Say hello to perhaps my new favorite couple. (It’s a tie between them and Renee-Juan Pablo.)

How do YOU feel about Juan Pablo and Sharlene?