I Don’t Need Feminism Because I CAN Do It All–But Don’t Want To

Ugh, “feminism.” Where to begin…

I don't need feminism
I’m not someone that’ll join a (trendy online) cause and believe in it with all my might. Which is why I was so surprised at how much I identified with the Women Against Feminism (AKA “I Don’t Need Feminism”) movement.

I mean over the years I had been growing tired of the term “feminism” for a variety of reasons, so to know that there were others like me and that I wasn’t the only woman out there who was plain tired of the whole feminism shindig was plain delightful.


  • Is not only pro-abortion but also…
    • …pro-“not paying for her own birth control”
  • Is promiscuous and is all for having her employer pay her to get rid of a potential human being for her
  • Wants CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE but either whines, whines, whines or does nothing about it
  • Thinks of men as the ones to beat
  • Would choose a job over her family
  • Wants to make a statement by not allowing her daughter to play with dolls or wear dresses

Feminists would like me to think that they’re the reason why I have “choices” in the first place, but that’s simply not true. [Continue reading]