My Canine Brothers On What Makes Purina ONE Their Favorite

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Sparky Skyler On How Much They Love Their Purina One Food

All right, all right, all right. Sparky and Skyler here. We’re Annie’s brothers–her only brothers (together w/some cat who thinks he’s the king of the house)–isn’t she lucky? I’m Sparky, the Chihuahua; the crazy Schnauzer is Skyler. Though I let Skyler think he’s the boss on occasion to be nice, in reality I’m the boss because at 10 years young, I’m the oldest. And we’re here to talk to you about our new dog food but first, a little intro…

In 2002, my parents and sister arrived to the States with Snuffy, my big brother. Snuffy was the boss. He was also such a spoiled momma’s boy. I mean I miss the guy (he passed in 2013) but man, was he spolied rotten. Anyways, I joined these crazies in 2004 and suddenly became a little spoiled myself. What can I say, maybe my parents were tired of having just the one human girl. They say she’s perfect, but let’s face it.. She’s not. (Although she was able to get new food for us for free, so she’s at least close to perfect.)

Anyways… After Snuffy passed, I was sad. In fact, at times I still think he’ll come rushing back in after taking my dad out for a walk. I missed him because he taught me so many great things, like how to announce to the whole neighborhood that someone’s arrived and how to howl like a wolf (actually, the latter one was Annie).

But now I’m the big brother and a few days after Snuffy went to Heaven the parents and sister adopted/rescued Skyler and…

Skyler wants to write now. Later, y’all.

Skyler here. I love my sissy. At my old home, I may have been abused by the dad in the family so I’m a little scared of men in general. (Hated that effer.) It stinks because I tend to be mean towards my dad–or anyone who comes close to my sissy–without reason. But my sister’s like amazing. She’s what’s right with this world. She’s mine, actually. I never let her out of my sight. I follow her around everywhere and we cuddle and…

OK he’s done. My turn now.

Here’s the thing: I can’t stand eating the same thing every day. Unlike Skyler, I’m proud and I need variety. Skyler will eat anything but I need something special. Like if my parents or sister mix some chicken with our kibble one day, you bet your butt I’ll want a different thing the next day–preferably pork. I know because I make Skyler eat my leftovers if they make us the same thing the following day.

Oddly, though, that story’s changed now that we got our new Purina ONE dog food. We were so excited we even helped Annie shop for it!

Sparky on Amazon shopping for his Purina ONE

Mine’s the Vibrant Maturity 7+ Senior Formula. IT’S SO DELICIOUS.

Sparky on Amazon shopping for his Purina ONE

Skyler’s is the Chicken & Rice Formula (it’s not for seniors because he’s only almost 4). He REALLY likes it!

The results pretty much = #OneSmartDifference. See, look at me steal the show while Skyler watches and craves:

And here we are again: I’ve just finished my snack but I’d still love to have some more: [Continue reading]