What’s The One Thing All Busy Gals Need From Our Feminine Care Products?

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Stayfree Ultra Thin Pads Help My Active Lifestyle Stay Free Of Worries
I bet you can’t think of even ONE gal in your life who isn’t busy, period. Take me, for instance: In between prepping for grad school, planning two huge family shindigs (well, one is more of a new chapter in our lives, while the other is an actual celebration), my volunteer work, and my freelance work, I sometimes can’t even take just five minutes to simply be.

Oh yeah, I also work out every day. So I’m even busier than I thought (oh, dear).

But amid all the hecticness in our lives, we can’t help but think of the one thing busy gals need more of, and that is FLEXIBILITY. We need to be able to say, “just a second,” or “not today” and not be negatively impacted. We don’t let anything stop us from accomplishing what we need to get done and we need to act like it.

We also need feminine care products that understand this, which is where Stayfree Ultra Thin pads (which I got at my local Walmart) come in. I no longer worry about my pads keeping me protected every day because I’ve come to know that these not only do a great job, but they do so while letting me live my life as I wish. [Continue reading]