Making Healthy Choices is Easy. But Are You Interested?

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Making Healthy Choices is Easy with Walgreens!

One of the things that boggle me about life in this country is how easy it can be to live poorly–to eat badly, to drink compulsively, to not exercise, to spend unwisely, etc.

Granted, a lot of those things depend on YOU. But incentives for not making healthy choices are everywhere! Cooking shows bug me the most as they feature the WORST ingredients imaginable (refined/fried everything? Yuck).

Fortunately, my family and I decided early on to live more healthfully, make sane health goals, and choose better foods and habits. For instance, we’ve been meditating for years and until recently began to abstain from all white flours and sugars, high-sodium- and glycemic-index-foods, and opt for more brown foods, chicken-fish, Stevia, and tons of fruits and veggies.


Remember that saying, “Skinny feels better than ______ tastes?” As a not-naturally-skinny gal, I remember coming across it once and wanting to adopt it as my mantra. (In all truthiness, I’d add “Healthy” to the beginning and replace “skinny” with “fit” to better encompass my goals: Healthy and fit feel better…) But then I saw the criticism it got: “Hell, a pizza tastes better than skinny feels!” its opponents would argue.

Healthy and fit feel better than jun ktastes

Here’s the awful truth, though, that you know only I will hit you with: People who could care less about fitness and/or their bodies ARE the ones that oppose that message. You know why? Because they’re the ones who fool themselves into thinking that their elevated weights and gross eating habits are “normal” or “sexy” or somehow “healthy.” But they’re everything but.

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