What to Blog–and NOT–Blog About (And Why)

Your blog sucks. You should blog like this instead.
Ahh the sweet smell of a new blog year. The leaves will be turning soon, mommy bloggers’ kids will be starting school, the dreaded cold is upon us, and your blog is looking more drab by the day.

Us bloggers are a fun school-like bunch: There’s the sartorial gals, the even more stylish guys, the newbies, the geeks, the (wannabe) cooks, the manic pixie chicks, the populars, the lame-os, the funny ones, it’s really never-ending.

What I’m about to say will sound revolutionary but it’s really not: What makes those cliques easy to distinguish is not necessarily the tone of their blogs, or their sense of style, or even their recipes’ ingredients.

Sure, many would think that, but that’s not really the secret behind their success.

What makes them interesting and memorable is instead their use of a really simple business tactic.


Think of the Middle East centuries ago–Aladdin time. Back then there were bazaars, amazing markets where “buyers” and “sellers” traded goods: A “seller” would give you something and you, the “buyer,” would give them something–not money–back.

Of course, the transaction would only be successful if the buyer was able to give the seller a good the latter wanted: Say I want a yard of silk and Amy has the silk I want. I say, “Amy, I want that yard of silk. I’ll trade you this handmade bib for your future baby–it has a cute embroidered C.” Amy then flips out and goes, “YES! OK TAKE IT!”


But what if I had offered Amy a giant boa constrictor? She would have thrown it on my face and kicked me off her stall leaving me sad and silk-less.

That same concept applies to the successful blogs you and I have come to adore.


Blogging means business. Got it?
Not every blogger cares about monetizing their blog, so they’ll blog to their heart’s content about meaningless crap no one would ever, ever care about. In the meantime, they’ll complain about not getting comments and/or views. [Continue reading]