We Owe Part of Our Awesomeness To Our Teachers, So Let’s Reward Them!

Teachers Change Lives And So Can You

Back in high school, I asked Mr. Sloan, my Composition and AP English teacher and newspaper boss, why my articles weren’t getting published (they weren’t that good). After a short pep talk, I ended up writing many (better) articles that did get published. One of them even went on to win First Place in a state intercollegiate newspaper contest for investigative journalism (!).(Modesty aside, it was a rather cool piece about capital punishment and and the visit of Sister Helen Prejean, the nun behind Dead Man Walking, to our high school.)

Sometimes we think we‘re 100% behind our successes. But I’ve come to realize that others are responsible for it as well.

For instance, I wouldn’t know a word of English if my dad hadn’t made me take English-language classes back when I was 6 in a country where most kids (me included) could care less about that. Then in 2002, when I moved here, everyone told me I had no accent. Thanks SOOOO much, dad.

I think you can guess where I’m going with this: If it hadn’t been for Mr. Sloan’s talk, I would have kept on writing seemingly good (but ultimately unsuccessful) pieces. I think he helped foment my love for writing, which led me to minor in Rhetoric and write an Honors Thesis in college, and of course launch this blog. Thanks SOOOO much, Mr. Sloan.

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