How to Properly Care for Your Clothes

How to clean and care for your cothes
Can you tell me, with 100% confidence, what you have to take to the dry cleaner’s and what you’re fine hand-washing yourself? Do you know which types of clothes need to be cleaned by a specialist? Are you even aware of your clothes’ care instructions or do they puzzle you like sometimes they do to me?

Well don’t despair because I have the solution for you in the form of a post I recently wrote for our business blog!

[Over] the years as tailors we’ve been able to collect several prized tips on cleaning and caring for clothes that would make even the most experienced [dry cleaners] proud. So we racked our brains for past instances of when clients used our tips, and even did some additional research, and gathered all of that advice to hopefully help you better (and more inexpensively) deal with your trickier clothes.

Check out that advice on cleaning and caring for your clothes here.

Do YOU agree with those tips? Have any others to add? (Or if you don’t, have you ever had a horrible experience at the dry cleaner’s you’d like to share?)