True Story: We Moved to the U.S. And Are Now Citizens!

Us minutes before our Citizenship Ceremony in 2011! (Via Yes And Yes)

Us minutes before our Citizenship Ceremony in 2011! (Via Yes And Yes)

A few months ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the fantastic Sarah of Yes And Yes re: our family’s move to the United States:

What do you remember about life in Colombia?

I remember our home and my wonderful childhood. I wasn’t/am not a spoiled brat but my parents always did give me what I wanted when it was appropriate. I got good grades and was one of the best at English – to the point where I sometimes corrected my teachers, who weren’t fans.

I also remember my friends and our get-togethers, my crushes, our road trips to go see relatives at Christmastime-New Year’s, getting to grow up “with” Shakira, Juanes, and Sofia Vergara, watching American shows (we were big fans!), having a maid (like almost everyone else), and even starting to talk to myself in what I’m sure was broken English back then, haha.

Your family has really put down roots here – owning businesses, attending school, volunteering. What do they love about most America?

The safety/security and the privacy. In Colombia, everyone knows everything about everyone. (Or maybe we were just very well-connected?) Here, no one minds your business and (if you’re in the right part of town) you can be out on your own at any time of day and be wearing lots of expensive stuff and no one’ll give a da**. Better yet, no one’ll try to rip it off you. (In shady areas of Colombia, this has been a grave issue for a while.)

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